Advices for choosing a kitten

Advices for choosing a kitten

Let’s admit it, there is not a cuter animal from a little kitten…

We easily fall for the charm of this fluffy little thing. Here are our advices on how to welcome the little kitten in our home and make our first days together easier.

What kitten to choose? Don’t choose it by its beauty, or from pity “Oh, this one is so ugly!” Choose the one that comes calmly to you and absolutely natural, feels good in your company and in the end lets you play together. It will adapt best if it comes from a setting close to yours (family with or without children, house with yard or a flat) .

What age should be the kitten? It is best if it is weaned after the first month, but it is still very early to be separated from the mother. Near her, it learns to explore territories, to play without being aggressive, to socialize, to be near people without fear.

Wait for it  to be at least 2-3 months to learn to be independent and balanced. Take one day off to stay with it, offering it your presence and comforting it. It will have a lot to explore in the new environment.

Close doors and windows through which it can escape and allow it to study all nooks and corners in your home. Feed it always in the same place, in order to not confuse it and to build its habits.

How to name a little kitten? However you want! Have in mind, however, the kitten will learn its name easier if it is shorter – maximum 2 syllables. It is more sensitive to the broad and sharp vowels like “i”, “u”. Before you give it a long and eccentric name, remember that one day you will have to call it.

What if there are two?

If you already have another kitten? Leave the two kittens to get to know each other, without interfering with them. Think about and giving both of them an opportunity to escape or hide. Do not close them in one room. To facilitate their relations, pet the older kitten on the chin and around the mouth, then rub your hands on the new kitten. This will bring the pheromones of the kitten on the another one and it will carry a familiar and a soothing smell.

Granules or a paste?  You should learn the new kitten to consume the both, in order not to get addicted to one of them. Don’t forget the water – change it every day even twice a day, offer it fresh but not cold. We can’t even talk about disciplining it by beating it, punishing it or getting angry. This way it won’t learn a thing. There is even a chance to become fearful or aggressive. To forbid it something, tell him firmly ‘no’ without shouting or hissing “pstt.” If it continues being stubborn, use a spray with water, but don’t pour over it like with shower, just spray it lightly. A few drops are enough.

Where to sleep the favorite kitten?  Undoubtedly it will find a place it will like, the couch or one of your armchairs. But you offer him a basket with roof, covered with something soft. A box, turned on the side will also do the job. Just put inside a pillow to make it more comfortable.

Which toys have the biggest success?  From the small light weighted ball to the clothed or rubber toy, everything is safe for the animal and does the job. These toys became extremely necessary so that the animal doesn’t get boring when you are not around.


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