How to determine the price of the domain

How to determine the price of the domain

Checking the abbreviation is among the most effective methods. TLDs such as .com, for example, have been used for years, and every day the market is flooded with new domains with this abbreviation. Inflation occurs, resulting in a drop in the domain price.

If the domain ends with a GTLD abbreviation, such as .CLUB or .RACE, then the domain will be a few times more expensive. Not only this type of domain is available for only three years, but many people still think wrongly that TLD abbreviations are the only way to generate traffic and there is not much choice for GTLD domains for sale.

Another way is to use an algorithm that all domains to buy and sell have. This algorithm will take into account the number of letters, whether there are keywords, whether the domain is correctly written without grammatical errors, whether alliances and other criteria important to SEO optimization are used.

It is also important to check the trends of buying domains. What amounts are involved, what were the domains themselves, whether they generated traffic before they were sold. Are they easy to remember?

The most important factor is the psychological one. Most new businesses do not have the means to afford to pay for a domain that will be their trademark and they just register their businesses with names of pre-purchased ones.

It doesn’t matter whether these domains are made up of real words or not, if they fit the business, they can advertise it. If the domain is older, then this is an additional plus. It probably had lots of owners. People still remember it as the address of their favorite site and tend to give a chance to you in the hope that you will offer them something nice and well-known.

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