Don’t throw away the old things

Don’t throw away the old things

In our home each of us have old things that have long been obsolete, but we don’t throw them away because of some sentiment or simply we don’t have the time to do it…

Among the oldest items probably there are items that lost their luster long and beautiful appearance, but still are strong and reserved. Here’s what you could do with them so that you can use them some more. You don’t need some very big technical skills and the ideas are easy even for those who never before were engaged in such activities. For some of them you can even use the help of children – it will surely appeal to them as a creative activity. Here are some of them:

Pet bed! – The small dog or cat can shelter in an old suitcase. All you need to add are legs in order to not be directly on the ground, and duvet bedding inside so your pet will lie on soft. Also, you can paste with beautiful foil the walls of the suitcase to make a fresh look. But ratty also do the work – right now this style (chabi chic) is very topical.

For a large dog that lived in the yard, you can customize a house of old … little barrel.

Flowepot of … clips! – In fact you need a strap or belt, where you can put in more uncomely pot with room or balcony flower. To do this you need a simple wooden pegs and empty cans. Thoroughly clean the box and dry it. No need to paint. Clip clamps on the walls. They must be lined up next to one another. You will receive an original wooden pots. It remains only to put inside the flowerpot.

Effective jewel! – You’ll do this very quickly and easily. To do this you need a metal part of the clip (the mechanism that holds it – as spring) and various small accessories (pendant ripped necklace can do the perfect job). Thread on the metal spring the pendant, beads or something in your idea, but not to the spiral but on the two metal endings. Then thread the spiral on thin silver necklace. Your original jewel is ready and certainly – unique.

In the garden! – Do not rush to dispose empty glass bottles of beer or soft drink. You can use them as curb in the garden in the yard or in front of the apartment building. You only need to select them by color, size and shape, and stuck them upside down so that their bottoms are the same height. This will shape the beautiful curbs near the flowerbeds.

Book separator – Constantly losing or tearing the thin cardboard dividers that traditionally sell with new books? No problem. Make yours – stable and also stylish. For this you can use any old already disintegrated book that you already thought of throwing away. Remove the portion of the thick cover which connects the pages. It is elongated, usually it is durable and will serve you for a long time. You can add to it an artistic tassel to become more beautiful.

Vintage dressing table! – If you decide to make such an accent in your home (as already mentioned, this is one of the hits in the interior at the time), you can use a small suitcase, which has long been discarded. The best would be if it is old, paper, with interesting locking mechanisms. Don’t renovate it, just clean it from spider webs. Put on it  four legs, accordint to the height and the purpose you seek to achieve.

If you add on the wall also an old mirror, you’ll get an interesting retro dressing. You can use it as a stand for black and white pictures in old frames, for example. However briefcase would be useful as a table for some beautiful house plant.

Earrings Hanger! – Old grater, which doesn’t work from many years is perfect for this purpose. You just have to clean it of any rust, then you can paint it in spectacular color. Once dry, use it for hanging earrings – they fit perfectly into the holes of the grater. With more imagination you can decorate it artistically.

Painting with … Broom! – If you are looking for a spectacular color or plaster for the walls in your room, you will receive 2 in 1 effect by means of an ordinary broom. You need one with a short handle and neither too small nor too large. The average size is ideal. Paint the wall with a roller in the color you want and while it is still wet, go from top to bottom with a broom, pressing it against the wall. Your hands have to hold it in the wide part to get the necessary pressure. You will get a spectacular streak that will add a second, a lighter shade (as it takes from the paint) and at the same time – interesting lay .


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