Our favorite music shows our character

Our favorite music shows our character

Character and music are very connected…

Researches have shown that from the favorite kind of music you can do very correct conclusions about a person – to what extent is extroverted, creative and open-minded- if we know ten of his or her favorite songs. According to study people who are extroverted by nature, tend to like more music with heavy bass sound.

Those who do prefer sophisticated styles (jazz and classical) express themselves creatively and have a higher IQ. In an extensive survey conducted among 36,000 people from around the world, participants were asked to rate 104 musical styles and in parallel to answer questions related to specific ties of their character. Here are the findings generally made from this study about the relationship between our favorite music and our character.

POP – If you like popular music, chances are you are extroverted, honest and conventional. On the one hand, you are dedicated and diligent in your professional activities and have high self-esteem, on the other hand, you are not of the most creative personalities. In nature you are uneasy.

RAP and HIP-HOP – Despite the stereotypical attitudes that fans of this music are more aggressive, scientists have found no connection between rap and propensity to violence. Lovers of rap and hip-hop have high self-esteem and are generally helpful and friendly.

COUNTRY – hard workers, conventional personalities and friendly and open people – typically the biggest fans of this musical style. Though often sing about love dramas in country songs, fans of the style are more emotionally stable people.

ROCK AND HEAVY METAL – Although many believe fans of the hard sound are dark and aggressive, according to studies they are mostly very delicate personalities. In addition, with outstanding creativity, but are often introverted and have lower self-esteem. Fans of this genre are mostly introverted, intelligent and very creative people. Moreover, it is believed that more of them do not like to dig into their work and are not the most delicate and sensitive people. Passivity, anxiety and low self-esteem are characteristic features for fans of this music.

CLASSICS – Lovers of classical music are most often introverted, but also aware of themselves and the world around them, which gives them a sense of personal harmony and tranquility. They are creative people and have a healthy self-esteem. People who enjoy these musical genres are very extroverted and high self-esteem. Also, they are creative, intelligent and balanced.

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