Little tips – great benefits

Little tips – great benefits

Very often in our everyday life we happen to obtain great benefits from small advices!

– Before sun bath don’t  wash your body with soap, because defatted skin easily burns from the sun and don’t  put on your body cologne, because the flavoring substances which it has significantly increase the sensitivity of the skin to the effects of the sun.

– After a sun bath don’t wash your face with soap. It is useful to smear it with yogurt. Compress of raw milk pleasantly cool the inflamed by the sun skin. Mask of crushed white or yolk is very beneficial for minor skin burns from the sun.

– A sure way to correct rugged mayonnaise is the following : . Rinse the walls of clean, dry container with lightly whipped egg white. Pour egg whites and begin to put a teaspoons sour mayonnaise, stirring constantly.

– Slightly rough caviar you can fix as you apply a few drops of hot water and stir it well. When caviar is fully truncated, beat 1 egg yolk and separately while stirring start adding a little bit of rough caviar. Or put  rough eggs over low heat and stir until fixing it.

– Extremely pleasant during hot summer days it is to drink a cold lemonade, iced fruit juice or ice beer. How to cool the drink when there is no refrigerator or cold cellar? Wrap the bottle of drink in a cloth dipped in cold water and put it in a deep dish with water. The water of the cloth is evaporating and strongly reduces the temperature of the contents in the bottle. Water from the dish also evaporates and must be topped up with cold water. This way you can cooled several bottles simultaneously.

– Prevent water pipes from freezing, by smearing the exposed to the cold part with a mixture of melted paraffin and glycerin (in equal parts).

– Before starting the stove, ventilate the room well. Clean air is warming faster than stuffy.

– If you keep the soap dry, it will give 2 times more foam and will be several times more durable than if you hold it in a humid place.

– Razor blade you can use longer, if right before you use it you put it for a moment into boiling water or rub it several times on a rubber band.

– To scare away mosquitoes invaded the room, do this simple trick:  Preheat electric stove and on it sprinkle not very much crushed camphor. Camphor smoke would drive mosquitoes away.

– Itching due to mosquito you can remove as you put on the spot sodium with ammonia or an aqueous solution of baking soda (bicarbonate) in the ratio 1/3.

– The simplest and surest way to destroy the ants is to sprinkle their nest with salt. Sprinkle with salt also places in which you have noticed moving ants. Naphthalene sprinkled in and around the nest of ants, can destroy them completely.

– The golden objects enhance their luster if they are placed for some time in slightly sweetened water.

– When you clear white potatoes or vegetables, in order not to make your hands very dirty, rub them in advance with vinegar and dry them without rubbing them with a towel.

– To remove stains from walnuts on your fingers, rub them with a strong vinegar.

– After extensive washing hands become red and wrinkled from the soapy water. Rub them with vinegar and you will immediately feel ‘relief.


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