What does the thumb show?

What does the thumb show?

In palmistry thumb symbolizes the individuality and vitality!

By the thumb you can understand not only the nature of man, but the way he makes decisions and where is his position in life.

By the first phalanx of the thumb (from the base to the middle of the finger) you can understand how clearly one realizes its goals in life and how achieves the desired. The second (the one with the nail) speaks of will power and ingenuity.


When the first phalanx is thin, it is a sign that a person has a habit of hiding his emotions and at one point simply explode. With more knobby thumb a man is prone to rage, despotism, violence. Such people can be too stubborn. If the first phalanx is “slimmed” it speaks of sociability, kindness, ability to adapt to any situation.

The curved profile of the second phalanx of the thumb is a sign of tolerance, sociability, but passivity. Such person prefers not to enter into disputes never seeks to defend its point of view, rarely looking for a more active expression. If this phalanx is with rather straight profile, this is a sign of exuberance and intemperance in the statements. Usually these people can speak virtually any topic. The nail is not insignificant: if it takes less than half the length of the upper phalanx the holder is stubborn, prone to anger, strong-willed. It is believed that the longer the nail, the soft is the nature of man.


Too elongated thumb, which reaches practically  to the second phalanx of the index, shows a  leader, a man ready to take control of the situation. Holders of such decisive thumb, have a strong will and remarkable intelligence.

People with too short thumb, which reaches almost to the base of the index are headstrong and lacking in willpower. They can plan a bunch of things, but never realize anything in practice.

When the thumb reaches at least to the middle of the first phalanx of the index finger, the man is independent, fair and sensible. These are people with a very strong will and can protect even very complex situation.

The ideal ratio of two phalanges of the fingers is the option that both are equal in length. If the first phalanx is shorter than the second, so one tends to rely on all of his intuition. Conversely longest first phalanx shows that the man plans everything to the smallest detail.


It’s about the angle between the palm and thumb. They are also called angle of generosity – the larger, the more generous is the holder. If the angle is less than 45 °, it is cruel and selfish person. Conversely, angle of 45 ° shows energy, openness and charm.

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